Friday, January 19, 2018

Elizabeth Lozano

I came from a broken family. My parents were divorced when I was 5. After my mom went to live with a man. My grandparents felt that it was the best if I and my younger brother went to live with them. My other two brothers went to live with my mom. My grandparents were great, we went to church all the time. Around the time when I was 8’ my grandfather passed away. I continued to live with my grandmother and I would go and visit my mom and her husband sometimes, but that life wasn’t that great either. So I would always end up going back to my grandmother’s house. I wanted a mom and dad so bad; I longed also to be daddy’s little girl. As I grew that longing never changed. When I turned 15, I started hanging out with friends that drank and smoked all the time. So I started to drink and smoke too. I would party all the time, more or less to get rid of that longing for a regular family. I met my husband at the age of 15, but didn’t end up getting married until I was 18. Thinking that that was going to make it all better. The one thing that mattered the most in my life were my four children but even then everything was messed up. My husband was always going out and was never home and I kept on drinking more and more.

After 18 years of marriage we separated and almost got a divorce. My life was going down the drain and I didn’t even care. I didn’t care about anything not even my children, Yes I loved them but I just wasn’t there for them when they needed me the most. I drank everyday, went out every weekend doing anything and everything I wanted. Committed adultery and basically went wild. My children were the ones who ended up suffering the most. My aunt and uncle were the ones who were always telling me about Jesus and how I needed to change my life and take care of my children. I remember one night I felt so alone. Then I got a phone call and it was my uncle and his words were “Jesus is your answer” and he told me how I should get on my knees and ask him to “come in to my heart and help me” The words my uncle said went down to my heart. When I hung up the phone all I could do was cry and say those words. I must have cried for hours I guess. I felt that everything that I carried for so many years was gone. After that I would talk to God and say that the only way I could ever give my husband another chance was if he would change and serve God. The next time I saw him, everything that I asked God, my husband said word for word. My husband would always lie, but this time I knew it was different, we got back together and started going to church. We all got saved asked Jesus into our hearts and are all serving God now. As Prayer Warrior for The Vision Ministry I pray for all those who have testimonies like my own. I am a faithful witness for the Power of Prayer to a merciful and loving God. I am excited to see the move of God and all He has for His people.