Friday, January 19, 2018

Mary Coward

Sister Coward was born again in 1989. In March of 2007 Sister Coward and Rev. Del Mar celebrate 18 years of their Holy union.

For 23 years Sister Coward has co-owned and operated the Hair Salon “Double Cuts & More”. Sister Coward ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of her patrons and others from time to time. She is the Vice President and Sound Engineer for the Vision Ministry. She supports Cornerstone Church in Liberty, Texas in the same capacity. With a spirit of excellence and a heart determined to see lives changed by the love of God and the move of the Holy Spirit through Rev. Del Mar and the entire Vision Ministry team. The strong love of a great woman certainly inspires and pushes us all to excellence. She moves frequently in the gift of discernment and from time to time gives prophetic words.

She spoke these words and they stuck in my spirit. “You preach it baby, and they will come…” She is my Proverbs 31 woman and James 1:17 personified – “a good and perfect gift from above”… “…My good thing! – says the Rev..