Friday, January 19, 2018

Weldon Idlebird

Weldon Idlebird Sr. is the second of five children born to Deacon Ollie. B and Sister Emma L. Idlebird. I accepted Christ as my savior at the age of nine. It was then that I asked God to heal me in Jesus’ name and with a miraculous touch He did. Through the years however my walk with God was not evident in me and to those around me. I did not look like Jesus or act like Jesus, but again through His touch and a Word fitly spoken did He call me out of the world and back into His marvelous light. Rev. Del Mar planted the seed that opened my eyes again to God’s plan for my life.

The story goes like this.. In October of 1990 I began an new career with a local engineering company. I was working there for about two weeks when I met Rev Coward. When we met the first thing he asked was “Do you know Jesus?“ I hesitated for just an instant and answered “Yes”. Now I knew in my heart that I was not living the life that God had planned for me. I was drinking, wasn’t attending church and had gone through a divorce. I thought about the question again “Do you know Jesus? I knew in my heart that I could not answer that question the way I had before because I knew it was a lie. But that question made me examine my heart and realize just who I was. I came to repentence for all the things I had done and was doing. I came back to the Lord Jesus. Today I can say with confidence that I know Jesus and he knows me.

I want to ask You a question. Do you know Jesus? If you want to know that you know contact us today! We are always willing to pray with you and for your salvation healing and blessing! Today I can say that I have “good gifts” from the Father. I have been married again for 16 years to my wife Rosalinda and have two wonderful children, Monic’ and Weldon Jr. I humbly serve in the capacity of Executive Director of The Vision Ministry under the leadership of Rev. Del Mar and Sister Coward. Whenever my wife and I are not attending ministry functions, we are faithful members of Lakewood Church under the leadership and direction of Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen.