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I saw a vision

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I was in the Spirit on the Lords day (Sunday April 24, 2005) and I saw a vision. In this vision I saw a body. The body was a corpse. Dead. No life in it. As I looked, I saw this body was full of all the organs it needed to live, but it was dead. The heart, the head, the brain, kidneys, liver, lungs were all in the body, but still the body was dead. Then I looked and began to see the reason why the body was dead. It looked like the body had been cut open .Then the cut had then been sewn together; but the organs were not connected (they were in the body but were not connected; therefore no life was supplied to them or from them, resulting in a dead body.)

There are many things I could say at this point, but I will only say a little for now. The first is the Body is the body of Christ (The Church), as a whole, and like the church in Liberty, the church in Bossier City, or the church of Houston. I think you get the point. The key for the local church is for its members (vital organs) of that “body” to get connected so that they, and the body they are in, can live. If you as a member will get connected and not just come to church, not just do your own thing, it would be a supply to you like you have not seen. Both you and the church you are in will come alive, thrive, function, produce fruit that will remain, and become the Glorious Church we are suppose to be, and go places in the Holy Ghost. Secondly, I see the body of Christ coming together as a UNIFIED BODY full of life, not “my” church or “your” church, but unified as one body of Christ. Glorious, Beautiful, Radiant, Powerful, Un-stoppable, Victorious, Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and with unspeakable Joy.

There is more to say, and we will share it later with all who will receive it.

In His presence,
Rev. Del Mar.


3 Responses to “I saw a vision”
  1. Weldon Idlebird says:

    God will bless this ministry with favor in all the earth. Souls will be saved and the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be broadcast near and far. It is our season to “go forth” and compel them to come in! Get busy praising, praying and moving forward men and women of God! Peace

  2. marlin oyer says:

    This is the will of God. No borders in the church and to reach the world… no borders… no condemnation… love.

    I too saw a vision, not in my minds eye but in front of me. I never talked to another person who saw a vision.

    When God showed something to me…. as shocking as it was to see ot 3′ in front of me… 95% of what he did to me was on the inside…. he shook me hard and i was undone.

    What is sad… to have no vision… to be dead.

    Your vision screams everything that God has done through me with others in the past 6 years since my vision.

    God does not care for any, any denominations, labels or titles for he is…… SPIRIT!

    If we forget our differences, seek his face and love as he loved we will begin to move. He even told me one day, you know this hateful group and that evil group and this un godly people you hold things against? I said yea….. he said that is 1/2 the world… you can’t reach for me

    Hate is won by love and undeserved acts of kindness prompted by the voice of God cuts through the hardest heart.

  3. JoAnn Fetty says:

    I have not known you long. God has brought you to my family at Faith Harvest Church. I feel your Godly character in your eyes, your face has a glow that is Definitely given from Almighty God. You gave me encouragement and have Blest my daughter Kim Arnold..Your vision is right on.. CALLED According to HIS PURPOSE.For such a time as this. I know that I know God has a bigger plan for this area, in Ohio. God bring souls to this Ministry.Amen!!!

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